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Otello Act 3 Dio mi potevi





"I was most impressed with the Tristan of Roy Cornelius Smith. Although this was his role debut, he had the confidence of seasoned Tristan. His rather dark tenor voice boomed across the hall, and he showed no restraint at the top at all. He acted well with his expressions too; his Tristan was heroic and compassionate at the same time.

“Smith sang with impassioned artistry, with an idiomatic ringing Italianate sound and fine vocal colour.”

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“Smith possesses a huge, vibrant tenor, but he can modulate it beautifully as needed.”

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"Out of nowhere, an excellent 'Tristan' pops up in San Francisco.  As Tristan, Smith deployed a gleaming vocal tone along with heroic vitality, and he made his way through the grueling marathon of Act 3  without betraying either fatigue or concern."  San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle

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